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Live Laugh Love®

Live Laugh Love® Glimmering Star Wall Sconce

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"Eager Beaver Kindergartener: Daddy, why do stars twinkle? Totally Exhausted Dad: The candles under them flicker. "

Live Laugh Love® glimmering rustic heart wall sconce of real ½” cedar with positive inspirational message and candle.

Handmade for you in our shop in America.
Glass candle holder and your first candle included.
Real ½” thick cedar wood with art painted directly on it in rustic style
Hot-branded on the back by hand in our shop by our crew with a real hot branding iron.
This is the maker’s mark that will prove it up on Antiques Roadshow, Christie’s or Sothebys in 100 years!
Saw-tooth hanger on back. You can hang it with a single small pin nail or removable hanger.
Bumper pads on back bottom corners
Nicely sized to fit in most anywhere.
Actual product dimension: 10 ½” high and 5 ½” wide. About 3 ½” deep.

From the Manufacturer

Created by a family of active positive imagineers, we're what you've been searching for -- the real style of your life! Positivity made real. What makes you Live? What makes you Laugh? What makes you Love? Wrap yourself in our style, and live laugh love forever. The method, brilliance and meaning is found in the products, social media and in our Being Good to Life™ practices.